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Why Hire A DM?

Learn, Connect, Create, and Enjoy!

  1. You want to get in on the fun, but do not have the time or money necessary to buy and learn all the books. It is quite a large thing to commit to, and can be a hurdle when you just want to play the game!
  2. Your local gaming groups do not meet at times which conform to your schedule, or the gaming groups meet in public places such as gaming stores, and you would prefer a bit more privacy.
  3. There are no gaming groups in your area. I am more than willing to travel up to 120 miles to run a game for you.
  4. You would prefer this be a private event for you and your friends. You can have what food and drink you want, and the freedom of being able to game more comfortably.
  5. Playing Role-Playing games is a way to happily and healthily socialize and develop problem-solving skills, as well as promoting cooperation and creativity!

I will run games for anyone, from children to adults. I can work single events such as birthday parties and workplace events, or I can run a regular game for you.

Just tell me what sort of adventure you want, and I will oblige you!

Tabletop Role-Playing Games are more popular than they have ever been, thanks, in part to shows like Stranger Things. As such, there are many people who want to try out the hobby, or rekindle old memories, but simply do not have the time for the all the prep involved.

My job as a paid Dungeon Master is to craft and present a fun and memorable gaming experience. I do all the prep, all the writing, and I provide materials.

For more information on the positive effects of RPGs: Check out this thesis, or this thesis.

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