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I’m not just a Dungeon Master! Perhaps unsurprisingly, I also paint miniatures for RPGs and the few Wargames I play (mostly Gaslands and A Billion Suns).

Miniatures add so much to the table, whether you’re using them for detailed combat or just as a nice accessory to your usual gaming setup!

Personally I just use them for everything, from gaming pieces to decoration.

I post about my progress on my blog on this site, but I also maintain an Etsy shop where I sell my miniatures. I do custom orders and commissions as well.

From humble beginnings in high school, I now make use of advanced techniques and materials in order to create miniatures which are unique and pleasing to the eye.

Click the image to be brought to my Etsy shop!

Artwork courtesy of Emmett Erwin.

“D&D-style” miniatures have been a mainstay of my work for a long time, but recently I have also branched out into Gaslands cars and Starships, inspired by the exemplary works of Mike Hutchinson.

A typical minis load for me is around 8-12 miniatures. In some cases, I do more if they all belong to a theme or uniform group.

Starships in particular I do in large amounts.

I also take custom orders for miniatures! I’ll happily paint whatever you want, either sent in or requested!

I can be contacted via Etsy or email about painting commissions.

I love to take progress pictures as I go, especially on custom projects such as the parasite-possessed ship to the left.

Updates can be found on my blog page.

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