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About Me

I have been playing RPGs for 18 years, and running them for 10 years. I always put enormous passion into my games, and I strive to create an immersive and exciting experience for my players.

I have worked with both young children and older adults, from total beginners to veterans of the hobby. I have a flexible style and I am comfortable with running anything from character-based narratives to gritty, spine-chilling horror!

I have a great amount of experience running games both in person as well as over the internet using Discord, Skype, and other online connectivity programs.

I draw upon my background in theatre and film-making to create an immersive and interactive atmosphere for my players.

I have always loved running board games and RPGs for people, and nothing makes me happier than pulling them into the experience with energy and passion. I use music, ambiance, and visual aids to heighten the experience as well!

I have also made use of props and costumes in the past, which have also proved to be extremely entertaining and immersion-assisting for players.

Visual aids contribute highly to the fun of the game; Miniatures, wax-sealed letters, hand-drawn maps, and more are the tools of my trade!

Roleplaying is different from any other form of entertainment, combining aspects of stage-acting, film pacing, books, and good old-fashioned imagination. Together, these elements make for an extremely unique and personalized experience.

I also have an page, where you can check out my work as an independent RPG designer!

My other major works, The Erwinian System and my miniatures work, can also be found on this site!

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