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The Table of Poison Side-Effects

Years ago, I made a poison side effects table to make it so that the application of deadly venom was more than just “take extra damage, optionally with a Constitution save to negate it.” I’ve also used it as a random herb or wild plant ingestion table to make uninformed foraging more… interesting.

So here it is, my expanded poison/toxin/venom side effects table. Use with care, death is possible.

The saves are listed in Erwinian System scores, but can easily be adapted for other systems with some eye-balling.

D%Side Effect
01-10Pain (Roll random location)
11-15Severe Pain (Roll random location)
16-17Brief Blindness (2-20 minutes)
18-20Brief Confusion (MP Save -3)
21Blood Clotting (Bleeding less severe)
22-23Blood Thinning (Bleeding more severe)
24-26Excess Mucus (2-20 minutes)
27-29Tears (2-20 minutes)
30-31Numbness (Roll random location)
32-34Rash (Roll random location)
35Severe Rash (Roll random location)
36Poisoning (1d6 for 1-6)
37Severe Poisoning (1d8 for 1-8)
38Hearing Impairment (2-20 minutes)
39Brief Deafness (2-20 minutes)
40Loss of Motor Control (1-8 hours)
41Spastic Bowels (4-40 hours)
42-45Vomiting (2-40 minutes)
46-47Severe Itching (Roll random location)
48-51Itching (Roll random location)
52-53Hair Loss/Shedding (2-12 hours)
54-55Circulation Loss (D6; 1-3- Fingers, 4-5- Toes, 6- Ears)
56Severe Circulation Loss (D6; 1-3- Fingers, 4-5- Toes, 6- Ears)
57-61Drowsiness (MP Save -7)
62Hallucination (MP Save -7 or lasts 1-6 hours)
63-64Breathing Problems (Con Save -6 or lasts 4-12 hours)
65-66Chills (Con Save -5 or lasts 2-16 hours)
67-69Fever (Con Save -5 or lasts 2-16 hours)
70-72Sneezing (2-20 minutes)
73-76Coughing (2-20 minutes)
77-79Severe Coughing (2-40 minutes)
80-81Fainting (Con Save -10 or lasts 2-12 hours)
82-83Paralysis (Roll random location)
84Severe Paralysis (Roll random location)
85-87Heart Palpitations (1-4 hours)
88Risk of Heart Failure (Con Save -7)
89-90Organ Poisoning (D4; 1- Digestive, 2- Respiratory, 3- Senses, 4- Immune System)
91Seizure (Con Save -12 or lasts 2-20 minutes)
92-95Uncontrollable Gastric Reactions (4-40 hours)
96Severe Mental Damage (MP Save -12 or roll random insanity +15%)
97-98Mental Damage (MP Save -4 or roll random insanity +5%)
99Risk of Death (Con Save -5)
00Severe Risk of Death (Con Save -10)

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