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Erwinian: The Past and The Future

We are one month in after finally publishing The Erwinian Roleplaying System, a family project which began decades ago in the 1980’s. The response has been overwhelming and delightful, and I cannot give enough thanks to everyone who has downloaded or purchased a copy so far! My father, the creator of the RPG system, is extremely pleased that his work has gotten out there for people to see, and we are all looking forward to where it all goes from here. We are so thankful for the support we were given before and after release. Thank all of you so much!

The bulk of the last seven years has been spent compiling notes, discussing rules updates, adding content to the settings, and trial-and-erroring our way through the publication process. Now that it is finally done, where do we go from here?

Well, the best artistic advice I have ever heard is that one needs to know when a work is “done.” No more edits, no more changes after the fact: to be able to say that the work is finished and that you can move on to new projects. As such, the bulk of Erwinian is truly complete and I can safely say I have learned an enormous amount. However, this is not the end!

We plan to continue work on some supplemental works, such as a new character sheet design, a free release of advanced/supplemental/house rules, and at some point in the future we plan to release a sixth setting which has been in the “ideas” stage for some time now. These will all be available on DTRPG when we release them.

For now however, we think we will sit back a bit. Seven years has earned us a bit of a breather, we think!

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I am an independent creator and GM with a deep love of storytelling and adventure! I desire most to share these things with others, and I hope to do that through my work and my writing.

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