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Paleomythic: Roleplaying in the Age Before Iron

I have a soft spot for the Sword and Sorcery Genre. As a young lad, I not only watched Conan the Barbarian (1982), but I perused a collection of vibrantly-illustrated comic books my father gave to my brother and I. That, and the stories of Conan and Solomon Kane (by Robert E Howard) and other great works such as the adventures of Red Sonja or Elric of Melnibone, cemented a love of the sheer physical atmosphere of the genre.

And now, Paleomythic drops into my lap a few months ago, and it is utterly enchanting. There is something about the Sword and Sorcery genre which meshes very well with the pre-iron age setting. I attribute it to the fact that the early ages of human experience already possess a great degree of physical imagery; the thought of intrepid ancestors surviving in a world filled with danger and adversity, armed only with their muscularity and unshakable will cannot help but inspire adventure!

The crafting of simple tools is a core mechanic as well, reflecting the primary advantage of human beings over other creatures of ancient times. Fire, flint, and bone are the tools of the trade in Paleomythic, and it is with these powerful talismans that characters must strive against the unknown.

The ring of forged steel may be a far-off dream, but the cry of a lone human voice rings louder in the world of Paleomythic…

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I am an independent creator and GM with a deep love of storytelling and adventure! I desire most to share these things with others, and I hope to do that through my work and my writing.

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