Joseph Erwin – Freelance Dungeon Master

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Do you wish to tread the forgotten steps of alien temples?

To hear arrows fly and the ring of blade against blade?

or feel the hot breath of the dragon on your neck?

Then enter, and experience a world of adventure…

Just say what you want to play, and I take care of the rest!

What is a Freelance Dungeon Master?

A Freelance Dungeon Master (or DM) specializes in planning and running Tabletop Roleplaying Games for people! They strive to create a memorable and fun experience for their players.

With the growing popularity of the tabletop RPG hobby, many people are looking to join in on the magic. However, not everyone has the time to write, plan, organize and run sessions.

Professional Dungeon Masters, such as myself, do all the hard work; planning the adventure, heavily familiarizing ourselves with the rules, and making sure the game runs smoothly.

I run games for players of all ages! I can run a session for a single event, such as a birthday party or workplace team-building event, or I can run a regular game for you! I am willing to travel most places within 45 minutes of the Springfield, VT area!

We also like to bring our own personal flair to the table. It’s about more than knowing the rules; it’s about being interesting and flexible too!

Just contact me with your availability, what game you would like me to run for you (see my section on: How to Get Started), and we can get started!